11 Month Warranty Inspection

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A builder’s warranty is one of the most important pieces in confirming the long-term quality of your new home in Charleston, SC. Our professional home inspector will come to your home during the 11th month of your new warranty to ensure that all of the features covered by the warranty are in good working order. This non-invasive inspection is based on observation of the visible condition and the apparent condition of the interior and exterior of the new home. This process includes:

  • An evaluation of the physical condition of the structure, construction, and mechanical systems in your home
  • Identification of any items that need to be repaired or replace
  • Recommendation of qualified professionals to inspect or repair these items

Don’t let your builder’s warranty expire before getting an 11th month warranty inspection from People’s Choice Home Inspections in Charleston, SC. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

Taking Advantage of your One-Year Builder’s Warranty

An 11th month warranty inspection is an integral part of using your builder’s warranty to its fullest potential. People’s Choice Home Inspections will help to:

  • Use your warranties to address potential issues with your new home
  • Get repairs done at no additional cost to you
  • Give professional insight on your home’s specific needs

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