Buyers Home Inspections

Get your prospective home inspected before you buy!

Choose People’s Choice Home Inspections for reliable Buyer’s Home Inspections in Charleston, SC

You certainly would never purchase a new vehicle without going for a test drive first. Why take a chance when purchasing a new home in the Charleston, SC area? Ensure the sustainability and quality of your new prospective home with a buyer’s home inspection from the professional home inspector at People’s Choice. Our inspector will certify that all water fixtures (including toilets, bathtubs, and sinks) have been tested, will inspect the proper seal of all doors and windows in the home, will inspect all air conditioning and heating units in the home, and perform multiple other checks of the home throughout the inspection process.

Purchase your new home with confidence that you’re making a sound investment with a buyer’s home inspection from People’s Choice Home Inspections. Call 843-300-2733 to schedule your consultation today.

3 Benefits of a buyer’s home inspection in Charleston, SC

Buyer’s home inspections are the best way to learn all of the details on a prospective property and eliminate any sort of shock in the future. People’s Choice Home Inspections will be sure to provide:

  • An unbiased and professional opinion and report on the property
  • The peace-of-mind that you are purchasing a structurally sound and safe home for your family
  • Information on any features or appliances that may require repair or attention in the coming months

Contact Marc with People’s Choice Home Inspections for your buyer’s home inspection in Charleston, SC today! Call 843-300-2733