Hail Damage and Common Roof Defects: What You Need to Know


Roofs are designed to shield us from nature’s elements, but what happens when nature decides to pack a punch? One of the most formidable adversaries of roofs is hail, whose damage can lead to a myriad of roofing issues. However, hail isn’t the only cause of roof defects. In this article, we’ll delve into the nitty- gritty of hail damage and some other widespread roof defects you should be aware of.

Understanding Hail Damage

1. What is hail?

Hailstones are ice pellets formed within thunderstorm clouds when updrafts carry raindrops into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere. These stones can vary in size, from as small as a pea to as large as a grapefruit.

2. How does hail damage a roof?

Hail can cause direct and indirect damage. Direct damage includes visible dents or holes. Indirect damage might be less obvious, like granule loss on shingles which can expose them to the sun and lead to quicker deterioration.

3. Spotting hail damage:

Look for:

    • Dents or bruises on shingles
    • Loss of granules, which might expose the underlying black mat
    • Cracks or holes in the shingles
    • Damaged metal roof vents or flashings
    • Common Roof Defects Beyond Hail Damage

Poor Installation:

A roof is only as good as its installation. If installed properly, even the highest quality materials can succeed. Incorrect shingle alignment, improperly secured flashings, or inadequate nailing can all lead to premature wear and leaks.

Flashing Failures:

Flashings are materials (usually metal) used to prevent water intrusion at areas of roof penetrations, like chimneys or vents. If these are corroded, poorly secured, or incorrectly installed, they can become points of water entry.

Ageing and Wear:

Like everything else, roofs have a lifespan. Over time, exposure to sun, rain, and temperature fluctuations can cause roofing materials to become brittle, lose their granules, or curl at the edges. An old roof is more prone to leaks and other defects.

Moss and Algae Growth:

Moist environments can lead to moss or algae growth on the roof. While these might seem harmless, they retain moisture against the roof surface, accelerating wear and potentially leading to wood rot.

Ventilation Issues:

Proper attic ventilation helps regulate the roof’s temperature and moisture levels. Insufficient ventilation can lead to heat buildup, making your home less energy efficient and potentially warping your roof deck.

What to Do if You Suspect Roof Damage

If you think your roof has been damaged by hail or suffers from any other defects:

Document: Take clear photos of the suspected damage.

Consult Professionals: Reach out to a trusted roofing contractor for a thorough inspection. They can provide expert advice on the extent of damage and necessary repairs.

Insurance: If the damage is severe, consider contacting your homeowner’s insurance to see if the repair or replacement costs are covered.


The roof is one of the most vital components of your home, offering protection from the elements. Whether battling against hail or facing other common roof defects, being vigilant and proactive can save you from more extensive and costly repairs in the future. Regular inspections and early detection are keys to ensuring your roof stands strong for years to come.

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